Step Inside Uzo Njoku’s Apartment 26 at Harsh Collective

Uzo Njoku by Serge Fils-Aime

Uzo Njoku, a multimedia artist best known for her captivating pattern making, merges the avenues of art and design by incorporating clothing and home goods within her latest presentation Apartment 26.

The solo exhibition, brings a home from her acclaimed series, The Neighborhood, to life. Closely rendered, a blue front door stands behind the gallery storefront, a half-bath, living room, mudroom, and foyer that online-attendees can interact with. Paintings, alongside clothing and furniture designed by Njoku are displayed throughout the apartment as well. These models add to the immersion, making the space feel inviting to all who enter the vividly interactive world she has created.

Her paintings feature melanated figures donning contemporary clothing, focusing on the joy, beauty, and energy that flow through Black communities. Uzo turns to social media to document her creative process, and shares candid accounts of the obstacles she faces balancing the titles of fine artist & brand. Unfiltered stories of worry, doubt, and pushing through the ever-relatable imposter feelings only add to the curated works shared with her followers. The real-time snippets leading up to the big day played a large part in the community’s attraction and anticipation for her show. The abundance of smiling faces that filled the gallery during Uzo’s opening show this observation to be true.

It’s refreshing to see an artist vocal and transparent about their process. On instagram, followers see hand and artistry in every step of the way; doors shopping at Home Depot, drilling the metal frames that will support the walls as we step inside (that patrons will see wrapped in vibrantly patterned wallpaper she produced), to the self promotion including the animated announcement accompanied by lively trumpet playing as her paintings spring to life. She is thinking about everything, all of the time.

Don’t miss your chance to step inside Apartment 26, on view through July 28 at Harsh Collective.