Boston Public Art Triennial, Previously Now + There Shares Details on Inaugural Exhibition “The Exchange”

Swoon, Seven Contemplations, Installation at Albright-Knox Gallery, NY

The inaugural Boston Public Art Triennial announces its artist lineup under the theme “The Exchange,” an artist driven platform centering direct engagement with different communities; slated to open May 22, 2025.

Artistic Director Pedro Alonzo and Curator Tess Lukey are co-curating projects that reflect Boston’s leadership in defined sub-themes of equity, climate and biodiversity, indigeneity, shared humanity, and addiction and wellness. Landmark artworks and programming, created in dialogue with and beneficial to host communities and locations, address intractable issues in new and inspired ways. All locations are to be announced.

Alonzo states, “The Exchange, will bring artists into dialogue with communities of experts across the city who have come together to take productive action. Working together to develop compelling narratives that reveal new perspectives by humanizing issues, visualizing desired outcomes and reminding us of the consequences of inaction.”

Working alongside the Triennial Advisory Group and a Curatorial Advisory Group, the curators have selected the following artists as the official program: Beatriz Cortez (b. 1970, based in Los Angeles), Julian Charriére (b. 1987, based in Berlin), Adela Goldbard (b. 1979, based in Rhode Island and Mexico City), Stephen Hamilton (b. 1987, based in Boston), Cannupa Hanska Luger (b. 1979, based in New Mexico), Laura Lima (b. 1971, based in Rio de Janeiro), Ekene Ijeoma (b. 1985, based in Boston), Nicholas Galanin (b. 1979, based in Alaska) co-curated with MassArt Art Museum, Patrick Martinez (b. 1980, based in Los Angeles), Delcy Morelos (b. 1967, based in Bogotá), New Red Order (Adam Khalil, b. 1988; Zack Khalil, b. 1991; Jackson Polys, b. 1976; all based in New York; Kahilils from Watertown, MA), Gabriel Sosa (b. 1985, based in Boston), Lan Tuazon (b. 1976, based in Chicago), Swoon (b. 1977, based in New York). Three additional local artists will be selected to participate in the Triennial via an open call for the Triennial Accelerator program.

“Boston is a city full of dynamic creative talent. We’re proud to join the ranks of cities hosting global celebrations of contemporary art and its ability to help us see the world in new ways,” said Mayor Michelle Wu. “The Boston Public Art Triennial will expand our city’s offering of arts experiences that are free and accessible to all, while inviting local and international artists to create in a hub of culture and innovation.”

Following the launch in 2025, the Boston Public Art Triennial will run every three years from May to October; the subsequent editions will be 2028, 2031, and 2034.

New Red Order, Feel at Home Here, Installation view, Artists Space, 2021, Photo by Filip Wolak