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Fairchain – The First-Ever Fine Art Transaction Tool to Offer Both Artists and Galleries Royalties On Physical Works

As the art world continues to get used to the implementation of blockchain technologies, an important platform, by the name of Fairchain uses blockchain-based techniques similar to that used in NFTs to simplify and modernize the creation, sale, and purchase of actual artworks by artists, galleries, and art buyers. Fairchain, which was founded in 2019 […]

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A Fast One: What to See at Frieze, LA 

Frieze LA returns with a lively program after last year’s hiatus due to COVID-19; and a new venue in Beverly Hills; aside from the backlog already endured with the cancellation of the fair’s Sculpture presentation, the much-anticipated event strings out some of the most significant moments. Art Currently highlights the must-see shows during Frieze Week. […]