Embracing Complexity: Yoko Ono, Miles Greenberg, and Louise Bourgeois at Faurschou New York

Faurschou New York holds our gaze in their latest Spring show, "Embrace the World from Within". The exhibition features works from Yoko Ono, Miles Greenberg, and Louise Bourgeois, each exploring the theme of the embrace through performance, installation, and sculpture across three galleries.

Founder Jens Faurschou describes the special exhibition as the "thematic outset to foster new dialogues," a palpable sentiment throughout the show. Since the Greenpoint space opened in 2019, Faurschou has been committed to creating intergenerational and cross-cultural connections within contemporary art and leaving its visitors with meaningful and inspired experiences.

The exhibition's highlights include Louise Bourgeois' tactile sculpture "Fée Couturière," resembling a bird's nest, perforated by labyrinthine gaps and passages that ward off intruders, much like the bird shields its offspring. The work, without any clear entrance or exit, is a self-portrait for Bourgeois, representing a place of solace where one can hide from the outside world and find emotional shelter within its interior passages. Yoko Ono's ode to the presence of life and death is also showcased through rows of lush green trees rooted inside disaster relief caskets. And in an evocative real-time performance, Miles Greenberg's body mimics the sculptures on display, blurring the lines between art and life.

On view through September 17, one can find themselves reminded of the power of art through movement, closeness, and uncanny reflections.