Editor’s Picks: Artsy Gift Guide for the Holiday Season

Whether you're still on the hunt for the perfect gift or just starting your holiday shopping, art currently has you covered! Curated with the creative spirit in mind, our Editor's Picks unveil gifts for the artist, the collector, the hobbyist, and the fashion-forward.

For the Artist


The Limitless Backpack by Osuza is for the artist on the go. The modular design and multiple pockets allows an artist to fit (literally) everything in. It is the perfect gift for those seeking endless inspiration and creativity wherever they please.

300 Years Before Color Black & Gold Edition

This handwritten and painted 912-page book explores color and scales before Pantone. There are 1,592 copies available and pays homage to the year the artist, A. Boogert wrote the book. This worldwide limited edition is a splendid tool for anyone with an eye for design or the curious reader in your life.

Collector’s Delight

Dylan Martinez Glass, Limited Edition: Goldfish Cracker Water Bag

Need we say more?

Judy Chicago x Illy Set of 4 Espresso Cups

Judy Chicago’s Great Ladies series from 1973 has graced the iconic espresso cup in an Illy collector’s edition set. This is perfect for those who like to fuel their day and take the world on like the famed feminist artist. It’s also a foolproof way to start your day before seeing her current exhibitions at the New Museum, the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lausanne, or the Haus der Kunst.

Salvador Dali tarot cards

The Salvador Dalí Tarot Card Gift Set is available at the MoMA Design Store. It is a remake by TASCHEN of the 78 cards Dalí originally drew that sold out in 1984. The custom set of cards and book offers a look into each design along with a guide for those looking to read palms for the holiday.

The Artist Wears Prada:

Fashion History Book/Catalogue

Fashion History from the 18th to the 20th Century available at the Brooklyn Museum Shop is for the person that indulges in fashion photography, the evolution of trends, and the intricacies of fashion as an art form. The hardback book from TASCHEN is for those who don’t shy away from making a statement.

Hand embroidered glass bead micro purse by Rachel Ellenbogen

The :( hand embroidered purses designed and beaded by Rachel Ellenbogen are made to order. The wearable art piece shows exquisite detail in the portrait full of emotion. Give this to your friend who loves to dazzle their wall and their night out.

Home Studio Hobbyist

Folk Watercolor painting kit by Tram Colwin

Whether you are a skilled watercolor painter or new to the practice, this kit offers an experience for all. Tram Colwin Studio created this kit with an easy-to-follow guide, quality watercolor paper, and professional Prussian blue watercolor paint. With this kit, you could be the extra encouragement for someone in your life seeking to explore their artistic side.

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