Lucy Sparrow Serves Felt Bagels in the Lower East Side in an Immersive Bodega

Photo courtesy of @sewyoursoul

UK-born artist Lucy Sparrow is familiar to Manhattan after two successful pop-ups, 8 Till Late and Lucy’s on 6th presenting her felt-made work. In a similar fashion, FELTZ BAGELS, an immersive bodega, opened on October 3rd filled with hand-stitched ingredients to craft New York’s favorite food: bagels.

The walls and counters are covered with freshly baked to filled bagels, rainbow salt-beef bagels, everything bagels with pastrami and pickles, and the option to build-your-own-bagel (BYOB) with Sparrow behind the counter to stitch it to life.

Sparrow and TW Fine Art, a gallery focused on connecting global artists and art collectors, undoubtedly prove that a felt bagel can't be found anywhere else but at the once-empty storefront. They fully flipped the space to showcase how a simple item can be delicious for anyone.

“My work is always focused on community experiences and the amazing everyday products that bring us all together. There really is no greater example of this than the traditional bagel bakeries of the Lower East Side of New York that have been nourishing much more than the stomachs of the city’s residents since the late 19th century. I am so very excited to return once more to New York City and share the Feltz Bagels experience with the local community!”

With Feltz Bagels allowing customers to build and see their own creations being made, this marks it as one of the most interactive exhibitions she’s done. The founder of TW Fine Art, Mike de Paola excitedly says, “Lucy’s playful hand-made works invoke a sense of nostalgia and magic, bringing joy to those that become a part of her felt world building.”

With endless felt bagel variations, this might be the only time when having eyes bigger than your stomach won’t be a problem.

"FELTZ BAGELS" will be on view through the month of October; and open daily between 11am – 8pm daily at 209 East 3rd Street, NY 10009.