Stroll Garden's East Hampton Pop-Up Exhibition Spotlights a Fresh Wave of Ceramic Artists

Installation Shot by Gary Mamay

Stroll Garden opens its pop-up exhibition Where Land Meets Sea in East Hampton set at the former home and studio of the revered American abstract expressionist artist Adolph Gottlieb. The show of twenty sculptures, also features photos of female divers called Haenyo taken in the Jejo Islands by Peter Ash Lee. These portraits are part of the New York-based photographer's debut book, "The Last Mermaid".

The Los Angeles-based gallery, known for its focus on contemporary ceramics, sculpture, and design, has brought together a new wave of six South Korean contemporary artists under the curation of Jane Yang-D’Haene, a Brooklyn-based ceramicist. Born in South Korea, Yang-D’Haene draws upon her cultural heritage to create unexpected ceramic work.

“This group of exceptional artists is bound by their exploration of their Korean heritage through art-making,” shares Yang-D’Haene. “Transferring generational memories and culture through their very fingertips, the artists in the show reframe traditional Korean arts within a contemporary context.”

The artists include Yoonjee Kwak who makes sculptural vessels to represent human beings as iconic symbols from Korean culture. Jaiik Lee who creates metal objects, contemporary art, jewelry, furniture, and lighting installations that push the boundaries about the place of conceptual objects in everyday life.

Re Jin Lee, a native of São Paulo, Brazil, and of South Korean heritage, creates work that is a unique assembly of individually rolled-out clay slabs and coils created by a 'hand and clay' collaboration inspired by the contemplative process of ceramics and belief in the power of simplicity. Eun-Ha Paek has created animated films that have screened in the Guggenheim Museum, Sundance Film Festival, and venues internationally. Jinsik Yoo is a figurative ceramic sculptor and painter from Daejeon, South Korea, his studio practice involves translating photographs into paintings, which are then spliced and reassembled into three dimensional forms.

Where Land Meets Sea will show through September 4th.