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Art Currently Magazine Submission Guidelines 

Art Currently Magazine welcomes unique conversations around art and its ability to influence the world with intelligent points of view. We publish long-form features, interviews, diaries, studio visits, reviews, and opinion pieces on present and experimental discourses surrounding the art world; and about those who are shaping it.

The New York-based, independent magazine covers trends and news in all five boroughs and beyond. We are accepting stories based in the US with a prominent focus on the East Coast, but open to international opening and events.

Text guidelines

Topics must be appropriate to our times and pegged towards a relevant event, artist, or exhibition.

  • News items range from 200-500 words.
  • Interviews range between 600-800 words and must include an introduction of 300-600 words plus the interview with the artist in a Q & A format.
  • Opinion pieces range between 800-1000 words and must present a traditional format: introduction, the body of text, conclusion, or call to action.

The text must be submitted in English. Due to the nature of the art world, we also accept bilingual text.

  • Authors must include references (if needed) and a bibliography list to prove the appropriate research process was undertaken.
  • Authors are responsible for obtaining images and publication permits and having the materials ready by the estimated time of publication.
  • Please send the document with the subject line “Submission:“Title of your Work_Name of Author.”
  • For any questions regarding editorial, please email

Text Submission Checklist

  • The text follows the appropriate word count required for each case, interview, or opinion piece.
  • If the author chose to submit an interview with an artist or art professional, the text must include the introduction and complete discussion in Q & A format.
  • Authors must send the text in a Word file so editors can convert it into Google Drive Docs for editing.

Images Submission Checklist

  • As mentioned above, authors are responsible for obtaining the proper image publication permits and credits.
  • Authors must send images on the day the text is submitted.
  • Please include in a Word document a list of images and their description.
  • Photo files must include the following information: author, title, year, medium, dimensions.
  • File formats are JPEG, JPG, TIFF, or PDF.
  • Please submit at least five images for text (preferably include a headshot of the artist if you are submitting an interview and a picture of their most recent work).
  • We only accept photos of high quality: preferably 300 dpi or more.
  • Images must be submitted in digital format in a separate email to with the subject line “Submission: “Title of your Work_ Name of Author_Images.”

Authors’ Agreement Upon Approval

The author agrees that once the material is submitted, the work is the distributive property of Art Currently Magazine and its founder for distribution rights. Upon approval, the author will receive an agreement document, that must be signed and returned to the magazine’s editor.

If you want to contribute to Art Currently Magazine, please submit your work by email to with the subject line:  “Submission: “Title of your Work_Name of Author.”