Wondering People Talk Upcoming Trends and Must-Watch Artists

Isabella (left) & Sophie, Courtesy of Wondering People

Art currently caught up with Sophie and Isabella at Wondering People, a UK-based art collective that brings together a friendly, inclusive space for artists, internationally. Running online exclusively, the two walk us through trending artists, providing insights into their unique styles, techniques, and the inspirations behind their artworks.

As the holiday season is approaching, who are some artists we should be recommending to be on people's radar (aside from the shop list edit)?

Edwina Longe

Gabriella Rhodes

Leggy Gordon

Joe Gamble

Otis Blease

Isabelle Carr

Could you tell us more about some of the newest artworks/ artists available via Wondering People?

Elena Bianca Zagari joined WP only a couple of weeks ago. Born in Naples, she is based both there and in London, and has a diploma in Art and Design from Central Saint Martins. Elena is a storytelling and fashion photographer. Photography serves as a powerful tool for self-discovery and understanding the world, helping her to delve into the stories of places that she resonates with and the individuals she encounters. For Elena, photography is an extension of sight and enables her to further dig into surroundings, helping to understand, remember, and visualise events, emotions and occurrences on a deeper, more personal and intimate level.

Jurga Nekrasaite, also one of our most recent artists - lives and works in Oslo, Norway. Jurga is forging high-intensity connections with her audiences through her practice centred around acrylics, pastels, and pencils. The energy she imbues within each of her works speaks to a sense of freedom and sensuality that inevitably emanates an aura of acceptance, part of her commitment to supporting the LGBTQ+ community, non-binary and all people in search of their authentic selves. She romanticises and normalises the love and passion between men, while everyone is still aiming to show a woman’s body as a priority and as a standard in today’s contemporary art world.

Jameela Stenheden Gordon-King is a London based painter, having graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2022 she is now undertaking a Master’s degree at The Slade School of Fine Art. Her work is a conversation between Self and the natural world. An exploration of the ways in which we interact and connect with the nature that surrounds us. The practice discusses these ancient notions. Experiences that bond us to civilisations, ancestors that came before us. Through the medium of oil, she is able to immerse herself in the rituals that inform every aspect of our being. Responding to the earths tones through the collection of natural pigment, coupled with the movements of figures. Ever evolving as the light reflected on its surface shifts. The colours in symbiosis with the curvature of the brush strokes and tonal accents of the figures, often mimicking landscapes.

What inspired you to also offer art consultancy?

It’s another avenue to go down in order to grow our business. We have access to so many artists from all around the world, not only on Wondering People but a larger network of artists which we bring to our clients and projects. People come, both friends and clients, wondering how they should go about finding, deciding on and finally buying an artwork for their home.

Stemming from curating exhibitions, we felt we wanted to offer something like this to people who come to our website. People are beginning to trust our taste and want it brought to their homes.

What are some trends we'll be seeing in 2024?

We’re noticing decorative pieces for the home are becoming more and more popular, which is why we recently introduced our HOME collection, which is a selection of finely crafted objects and oddities from new artisans we have found.

Continuing in this theme, we feel that one-off designer furniture pieces are becoming more sought after, and so we’ll be delving more into this in our next HOME drop.

Edwina Longe, Direction (left) & Elena Bianca Zagari, Giovanni. Courtesy of Wondering People