Harrison Tenzer’s “Projections” Extends Alternative Perspectives Through Plexiglas and Meditation at The Empty Circle

Artists Harrison Tenzer

Harrison Tenzer, an artist based in Brooklyn, debuts his first solo exhibition, “Projections,” at The Empty Circle, the artist-run space led by Claudia Doring Baez. The exhibition will remain open until February 3, from Friday - Sunday between 12-5 pm.

The conception of Tenzer’s “Projection” dates back to emotions stirred by the 2020 pandemic . With a closer examination of his works, viewers will discern the different uses of Plexiglass to create dimension in space and perception. The clear barrier became a necessary step for public health in 2020; fittingly, Tenzer uses it as the main canvas material.

Harrison Tenzer

The panels are meticulously etched with lines, reminiscent of EKG machines and seismographs. Tenzer describes entering a meditative state during this process. This approach, of “intuitive drawings to cope with feelings of loneliness and fear” generated the linework visible on the canvas. The organic shapes made by microscopic lines on the first panel allow light and shadows to flow to the panels below.

The second layer of Plexiglas is stained with alcohol ink, referencing the use of hand sanitizer. By relinquishing control over the colored ink’s flow, Tenzer introduces juxtaposition in the process of creating this second layer placed below. This is furthered by the gap of space between them to push viewers to an exploration of psychological projections visually and introspectively.

“Projections” beckons viewers to interpret the pieces as “open-ended ciphers of meaning, foregrounding the mechanisms of their unique perceptions,” as written by Alex Bacon. Tenzer playfully brings together classical and contemporary interpretations as the Plexiglas becomes a vehicle to recognize different levels of reality, meditation, and perceiving the world through various digital screens.

Like many, the undetermined routes during a time of uncertainty led Tenzer to understand a creative practice as a conduit for various perspectives at play.

The stillness of meditation resulted in this exhibition and, for viewers, gives an opportunity to explore different dimensions with changing light conditions and positions as a way to become immersed in the full potential of “Projections.”