Rele Gallery opens its third location in London with Nigerian Artist Peju Alatise

Peju Alatise

Peju Alatise, When It Rains, I'll Send For You, 2022 © Matthew Arthur Williams Photography. Image courtesy of Peju Alatise

Opening with an inaugural show of Peju Alatise, a Glasgow-based Nigerian artist with her latest body of work advocating for children’s rights, the new Rele Gallery space of 3,000 sq ft will welcome crowds in Dover Street and beyond to the two-floor exhibition. The expansion celebrates ten years of the gallery’s operation.

The first solo exhibition will be curated by Adenrele Sonariwo, the gallery’s curator and founder. The pair previously worked together for a successful show at the Venice Biennale in 2017.

Since the gallery’s inception in Lagos in 2015, I have worked closely with artists with the central aim of allowing their work to grow both in terms of production of projects and of the making of exhibitions. A location in London allows the gallery to continue growing its programme and identity alongside its roster of emerging international artists. The space will allow for pioneering presentations, matching their energy and output. Mayfair is home to the world’s most prominent art galleries, and opening our third space in this city will provide increased opportunities and collaborations for our artists. Peju Alatise is an artist who has developed her career significantly in recent years and I’m delighted she will be presenting her first solo exhibition at the new gallery, forming an important next step in the gallery’s future.” - Adenrele Sonariwo.

Rele Gallery

Facade of Rele Gallery, London. Image Courtesy of Rele Gallery

Rele Gallery opened in Lagos in 2015 before expanding to Lagos, Nigeria, and Los Angeles.

The artist-centric space proves its narrative to continue bringing new global encounters and cultural exchange with the local communities of Lagos, Nigeria, Los Angeles, USA, and now London, UK.

Rele Gallery and installation image of What's In a Name Exhibition, 2024

Opening of Rele Gallery and installation image of What's In a Name Exhibition, 2024. Image Courtesy of Rele Gallery