Lex Barberio Showcases Flair and Allure Through Portrait Photography at XPOSED Gallery, New York

Photo courtesy of the artist

Nestled between 19th and 20th Street, in Xposed Gallery on the High Line, photographer and multi-disciplinary artist Lex Barberio brings their best photos in a unique display, where no two images on display are the same. Titled AMPLIFIED, a portraits are exhibited on screens that span throughout the gallery space; a testament to Lex’s transcendence between their successful career in advertising and as an artist.

“In this exhibition, you’ll encounter a diverse array of people with varying personalities, quirks, and stylistic choices where Lex’s eye is the amplifier that brings forth the extraordinary within every subject, revealing the subtle, the bold, and the beautifully unconventional. The works on display playfully blur the boundaries between camp and editorial, and between the everyday and the extraordinary” quoted from the show’s description.

The portraits are threaded by Lex’s rare skill to tap into an intersection of emotion, the human condition, and social consciousness. With subjects that are mostly friends, Lex highlights unapologetic, intersectional identities to capture a new level of genuineness that’s accessible to both the subject and the viewer.

Previous work of Lex includes Ambisextrous, their first solo exhibition, which celebrates gender fluidity “in order to bridge the knowledge gap between those within the queer community and those outside of it.” The exhibition was shown at Art Basel Miami, Art/Culture Center Hollywood, Museum of Contemporary Art L.I., Project XAM, The Phluid Project, and World Pride in New York, NY.

AMPLIFIED is on view through November 11, 2023. Visitors are encouraged to see the works through windows of the apartment turned into gallery space while walking through the Highline, New York.