DRIFT To Open a Museum at the Van Gendt Hallen in Amsterdam in 2025

DRIFT Museum. Photo by Valentina Vos.

DRIFT, the celebrated duo artist known for their large-scale activations and drone performances, plan to open a new museum, the Drift Museum, in early 2025. The duo's technologically advanced, and performative pieces will be set within an industrial factory building, Van Gendt Hallen in Amsterdam.

"The DRIFT Museum is the outcome of everything we have been working towards for the past 17 years. We hope it will be a place that generates wonder and emotional responses from our visitors and where they feel more connected to our planet and nature," artists Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta share.

In 2007, creative partners Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta founded DRIFT with 64 other multidisciplinary team members. The group curates artworks from sculptures, and installations, such as Flylight which uses lights to mimic flocks of birds, or their drone performances Social Sacrifice for the Venice Biennale 2022, and most recently Franchise Freedom in Central Park which used one thousand drones.

With this variety of artworks, many of them experiment with technology and kinetics, a distinctive repertoire of work that purposefully urges the public to reestablish their connection to their natural surroundings.

Gordijn and Nauta will be joined by Eduard Zane in the new venture. Zane is the owner of the renovated Van Gendt Hallen building in which DRIFT’s large-scale, technologically advanced, and performative pieces will be exhibited. The industrial factory provided by Van Gendt Hallen is a setting that will continue to bring wonder and probing works that question the relationship between man-made and nature-made worlds.