Søren Solkær’s Shapeshifting Beauty of Starlings at the National Nordic Museum

Danish photographer Søren Solkær heads to the National Nordic Museum in Seattle, Washington for a solo exhibition, coinciding with his recent monograph release “Starling”, including 138 exclusive images.

Donna Huanca's New York Shows Transcend the Visual Realm

In her New York debut, Donna Huanca orchestrates transformative durational performances, catapulting viewers into an immersive moment destined to resonate like a scar etched into the fabric of the self.

DRIFT To Open a Museum at the Van Gendt Hallen in Amsterdam in 2025

DRIFT, the celebrated duo artist known for their large-scale activations and drone performances, plan to open a new museum, the Drift Museum, in early 2025.

The Editor’s Picks: Palestinian Artists to Support Now and Infinitely

art currently spotlights a cohort of Palestinian artists and designers who epitomize an unwavering commitment to creativity and deepening the understanding of the Palestinian diaspora. From prints, to wearable pieces, photographs, and books available to purchase, many works sold will donate proceeds directly to Palestinian Children Relief Fund (PCRF) in Gaza.

Lex Barberio Showcases Flair and Allure Through Portrait Photography at XPOSED Gallery, New York

Nestled between 19th and 20th Street, in Xposed Gallery on the High Line, photographer and multi-disciplinary artist Lex Barberio brings her best photos in a unique display, where no two images on display are the same.

Cree Artist Kent Monkman's Vivid Narration of Indigenous Resilience

A multidisciplinary artist, Kent Monkman reframes the histories of American art, creating vivid imagery of the continuous erasure of Indigenous peoples, from colonial times to the present.

Artforum's Editor-in-Chief Gets Fired After a Pro-Palestinian Open Letter

Fellow editors of Artforum resigned following the publication's decision to terminate their Editor in Chief of six years, David Velasco. The decision to fire Velasco came after an open letter was published on October 19th, 2023, in support of Palestine, calling for an immediate ceasefire and end to civilian harm.

Celebrated Feminist Artist Judy Chicago Takes New Museum by Storm in Retrospective Show “Herstory”

Judy Chicago: Herstory is currently on view at the New Museum in New York, featuring six decades of her work as a feminist artist, art educator, and cultural historian.

Harry Nuriev Emphasizes the Nuances of the Metaverse through Denim House at Carpenter’s Workshop Gallery

Harry Nuriev, a Russian-born, NYC and Paris-based architect and interior furniture designer is revealing a slice of what a metaverse could look like. He seamlessly glides between fashion, sculpture, and interior architecture by utilizing a reimagined and thought-provoking understanding of everyday materials.

Inspired by the Essence of Westbury, Darryl Westly Unveils ’Illuminations'

In time for the fall season, the MTA Arts and Design unveiled a new public art commission at LIRR Westbury Station by New York visual artist Darryl Westly. “Illuminations” is a vital reflection of the people and places of Westbury.

Lucy Sparrow Serves Felt Bagels in the Lower East Side in an Immersive Bodega

Artist Lucy Sparrow builds out an immersive bodega made entirely out of felt, with a great selection of filled-bagels.

Inside Salon 21: Alex Bass and SoHo's Fresh Space for Art, Conversation and Connection

Alex Bass, founder of Salon 21 talks us through the ideas behind her new development in an interview with Art Currently. Salon 21 is just what the stylist neighborhood needs to shake up the ways in which we ingest art, whether by merely discovering new artists or supporting emerging talents. Located at 52 Greene Street in SoHo, New York.

Love, Kelly: A Look into Kelly Butts-Spirito’s Debut Collection at VFILES, New York

Kelly Butts-Spirito’s life has been anything but linear, something that comes alive through his fashion. But this was never a part of the plan. “I unintentionally stepped into clothing,” said Kelly. “It was always something that fascinated me, but I never thought that that’s what I wanted to do.” So, how is it that a small-town kid from Vermont opens his first runway show at the iconic VFILES shop in SOHO, New York? Through unrelenting confidence.

Review: Nadia Waheed “A Strange Icarus” at Nicodim, Los Angeles

Like Icarus, artist Nadia Waheed seems to be testing how far the body can go. In her solo show “A Strange Icarus” that opened at Nicodim Los Angeles last week, the works considers paintings as portals, as the artist likes to self describe. They are openings that disrupt our understanding of time and space.

Moral Turgeman's Caterpillar Chair and Multi-Sensory Sculptures Marvels in "Rooted Signals" Exhibition

Multi-disciplinary artist Moral Turgeman showcased “Rooted Signals” at Praz-Delavallade Projects in Los Angeles with a central piece that has caught the attention of many: her Caterpillar Chair.