Galerie Templon Moves To NYC With Inaugural Show Of Omar Ba

Galerie Templon opens its new space in the Chelsea Art District. Led by Mathieu Templon, son of Daniel Templon, who closely collaborates with rising star Senegalese artist Omar Ba...

A Tribute to Virgil Abloh Through Music and Art

Last November, at the sudden passing of designer Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton presented a commemorative showcase of some of the designer's final creations and the Spring-Summer 2022 Collection in Miami. The show included a video written in what feels like...

5 Questions With Ghanaian Artist, Gideon Appah At Triennale de Milano

In the 23rd International Exhibition at Triennale de Milano in Milan, Italy, Gideon Appah will represent the Ghana Pavilion. Through December 11, 2022, the exhibition named "Unknown Unknowns: An Introduction to Mysteries"...

KidSuper Reimagines an Auction House as It's First Official In-Person Show of Paris Fashion Week

For the Spring Summer 2023 season at Paris Fashion Week, KidSuper debuted "Breathing Life Into The Inanimate," a live auction presided over by Lydia Fenet, Benefit Auctioneer at Christie's Auction House...

Oli Epp's Don't You Want Somebody To Love? At Perrotin Gallery

First solo exhibition by Oli Epp, which debuted at Perrotin Gallery in New York, included new works that throb with conflicting emotions. The exhibition's name, Don't You Want Somebody to Love?, is borrowed from...

A Look Inside Jordan X Nina Chanel Abney Apparel Collection

Jordan X Nina Chanel Abney Campaign Shot | Photo by Shaniqwa Jarvis
Jordan X Nina Chanel Abney Campaign Shot | Photo by Shaniqwa Jarvis

Jordan's collaboration with New York artist Nina Chanel Abney redefines traditional off-court fashion while paying homage to the extensive impact of basketball culture. Abney creates artwork with vivid colors and sharp lin...

NFTs are becoming Real-World Art through LAGO's Digital Frame.

Art by Tristan Eaton, courtesy of LAGO
Art by Tristan Eaton,
Courtesy of LAGO

With the entry of NFT art into the contemporary art market, there's an increased demand to display artworks physically alongside the Metaverse. LAGO, a company born out of this necessity, is pushing boundaries in introducing 33-inch square digital pi...

Exploring Landscapes And Water In Dissolving Realms Curated By Katy Hessel

Installation View of Dissolving Realms.
Photography by Diego Flores.
Installation View of Dissolving Realms at Kasmin Gallery.
Photography by Diego Flores.

The latest installation at Kasmin Gallery aims to bring together artists whose work spans over 70 years in a focused overview of painterly inquiries into the boundaries of representation.  Through August 1...

Casa Muza Presents CICLOS, A Sculpture Installation By Miguel Otero Fuentes.

Hoodie Retrograde Portrait | Otero Fuentes
Polet Guzman Portrait | Otero Fuentes
Polet Guzman Portrait | Otero Fuentes

Puerto Rico natives Miguel Otero Fuentes and Polet Guzmán open CICLOS, a storefront sculpture installation at Casa Muza this Saturday, June 18th, 2022. Seven shattered cylindrical concrete...

Creator Labs Season 6 Presents SEEN.

Opening of SEEN at SN37 |creator labs
Opening of SEEN at SN37
Opening of SEEN at SN37 | creator labs

Since 2019, Creator Labs has served as a visual arts incubator for emerging artists working on vital cultural initiatives and issues in society such as LGBTQIA+ issues, blackness, family values, and resilience in the community. In order to nurtur...