Neon Artist Annesta Le Uses Art As Spiritual Guidance

Annesta Le at her studio in Brooklyn.

On View

Visit the Online Viewing Room: Annesta Le | Written in Line at The Honey Pump.

Visit the Group Exhibition, Art + Design at Yi Gallery in Brooklyn, from August 7th through September 5th, 2021.

Annesta Le's relationship with a...

Ivy Haldeman on Transformative Figures

aperture, ivy haldeman
Ivy Haldeman, Aperture, Full Figure, Back Forward, Shins Cross, 2021 (interior). Velvet, epoxy, acrylic, LED lighting, brass wire, wood, plastic, Dimensions variable. Image courtesy of the artist and Downs & Ross, New York. Photo: Phoebe D'Heurle

Ivy Haldeman's work strikes me as being mor...

New York Based artist FRIDGE releases an invisible NFT: Explained

nothing fucking there billboard
FRIDGE, Nothing Fucking There Billboard, Panel size: 14' X 14', Courtesy of the artist. Photo taken by Gabrielle Donofrio (@gabrielledonofrio).

Right when you thought NFT (non-fungible tokens) couldn't get any more mind-boggling, artist FRIDGE known for his elusive work, and purple r...

Anthony Padilla: Being One with Nature & Art in the City

Anthony Padilla at his studio in Bushwick, BK
Anthony Padilla at his studio in Bushwick, BK
Center painting: Clouds Over the Valley, 2021, oil on canvas, 48 x 60 in

Anthony Padilla's paintings are the perfect combination between abstraction, surrealism, and realism blended with an explosion of colors, detailed figures, and shapes that...

'Black Feminist Visions' celebrates new narratives for the portrayal of the Black femme body

Hank Willis Thomas, After Identity, What?, 2009,
Aluminum letters on wood and inkjet print
60 — 30 — 2 in
152.4 — 76.2 — 5 cm,
Edition of 3

 Subject Matters: Black Feminist Visions, on view online at Artsy explores the representation of the Black femme bodies with an important question a...

Becoming One with the Internet: A Conversation with Cae Monae

quilt look, Cae Monae
Quilt Look
cheetah look, Cae Monae
Cheetah Look

Virtual experiences have now, more than ever, become the normal way of connecting with visual arts and culture whether that's through virtual studio visits to gallery viewing rooms. It's a good thing that artist and performer Cae Monae has already b...

Maker of the goods, ceramicist Ethan Streicher talks pottery

Brooklyn has become an electric hotspot for seasoned and novice ceramicists alike, with pottery studios continuing to crop up in several neighborhoods across the borough. This abundance has led multidisciplinary artist Ethan Streicher into the world of clay somewhat by chance. Spending the p...

Duo-forces launch Tchotchke Gallery

Tchotchke Gallery, Marlee Katz and Danielle Dewar

It's said to believe that in a time of crisis, there is opportunity. This rings true to art professionals and now founders of Tchotchke Gallery, Marlee Katz and Danielle Dewar who after finding themselves unemployed in the middle of the pandemic earlier this year, launched an online gallery....

Liberating motherhood through naturalistic paintings

Motherhood saved me from quarantine, but my portraits saved me from motherhood

Life in quarantine was different for everyone though, one thing we experienced collectively was complete isolation. This meant a whole 360 adjustment no matter who you are and what part of the globe you were i...

Happy Hour w/ David Heo

David Heo in his studio in Chicago, image taken by Kristie Kahns (@kristiekahns)

David Heo is the definitive embodiment of booked and busy. A visual artist and all-around cool guy based in Chicago, David is likely painting at this very moment a...