American Minstrelsy Through The Lens of Michael Ray Charles at Templon, New York

Galerie Templon is celebrating along with the invaluable help of the exhibition's curator Hedwig Van Impe, the comeback of Michael Ray Charles to New York with VENI VIDI.

Kate Wallace on the curve that warms showing at LEILA GREICHE

Occupying the curved walls of LEILA GREICHE, the new works of Melbourne-based artist Kate Wallace take viewers to a place of stillness and memory.

Art & Korean Shamanism Converges in Si On’s New Show at James Fuentes

Lately, Si On's works have retained a sculptural element, creating a niche form of art that dwells between two-dimensional and three-dimensional states.

Arushi Kapoor: Pushing Emerging Talents Forward Through Advocacy

Indian-born art collector, and founder of her namesake gallery, Arushi Kapoor, has a keen eye for emerging artists and talent, being one of the West Coast’s few art dealers specializing in living and minority artists.

New Devotions: Celebrating Caribbean Syncretism at The Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural Center

Curated by Laura Rivera-Ayala, New Devotions at The Abrazo Gallery at The Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural Center aims to examine the aesthetic and political value of Caribbean syncretism in a contemporary context.

ZsONAMACO Announces ABC Art Baja California

The first ABC Art Baja California Festival will span 45 days and three cities. It will feature various artists and galleries exhibiting pieces of local, national and international art.

Domesticanx at El Museo Del Barrio

Domesticanx - A new exhibition at El Museo del Barrio in New York City examines gender roles, domesticity, and identity.

Jaxon Demme on Self-Reflection and Surrealism

Jaxon Demme's No Gallery debut features loose work that moves subliminally through internal dialogues, repeating, expanding, and healing.

Mariane Ibrahim Expands to Mexico City with Solo Exhibition by Clotilde Jiménez

Mariane Ibrahim, Chicago’s well-respected gallerist opened a new gallery outpost in Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City just in time for Mexico City’s art week. The new gallery will be located in the heart of the city’s bustling art district and will provide a platform for international artists to showcase their works to a wider audience, pivotal to the gallery’s direction.

A Look Inside The Craft of Thought: Mickalene Thomas and Dior Team Up For SS23 Haute Couture Show

For its SS23 Haute Couture show in Paris, Dior collaborated with contemporary artist Mickalene Thomas to pay tribute to Black female role models who broke racial barriers and paved the way for others on the runway.

Myrlande Constant's Elevated Realms of Folk Art at Fort Gansevoort Gallery

Fort Gansevoort Gallery at the Meatpacking district opens Drapo, the solo show of renowned Haitian artist Myrlande Constant, synonymous for her impressive textile works that are hand-beaded and embroidered with sequins.

Maya Lin Honored as the 29th Annual Crystal Award Recipient

Lin's work, which includes sculpture, architecture, and environmental art, has been recognized for its ability to create a sense of connection between people and the natural world. Her upcoming exhibition in Seoul is expected to showcase her unique vision and inspire a new generation of artists and designers to consider the social impact of their work.

Shaky Opinions on Hank Willis Thomas’ Boston Sculpture Questions Judgement

If you know anything about Hank Willis Thomas’ conceptualist approach to his work, which has been shown internationally, one would likely recognize that this is not his first rodeo working with human forms to tackle themes of racism and popular culture. See Unity near the Brooklyn Bridge as...

Tchotchke Gallery Opens New Space in Brooklyn

Tchotchke Gallery Opens New Space in Brooklyn with inaugural exhibition "Homecoming" featuring represented artists Josiah Ellner, Debora Koo, Elena Redmond, and Rachael Tarravechia.

British artist Stuart Semple Confronts Pantone’s Color of the Year with the People’s Choice

Artist and activist Stuart Semple, known to have produced the better blackest of black colors than Anish Kapoor, has launched a new campaign called Viva Meh-genta in response to Pantone's declaration that Viva Magenta will be the color of the year for 2023.